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Terms of service

Installation and use of software

In order to install the application, you must have physical access to the phone that you want to track. This application is intended to be used to monitor the under age children. Also you can use it to monitor your employees but you will have to inform the persons that their activities are monitored.

It is completely forbidden to use the application to monitor your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, child over 18 without without having a written agreement from them.

Even when you want to monitor your children/employees have the obligation to consult your country's legislation. It is completely forbidden to use the application to find out details about the people/to harass or blackmail third parties. Any deviation from these specifications will make you directly responsible for your acts /actions. We have the right to delete your account if we have reasons to believe that you do not obey these conditions We will cooperate with any authorized institution if you have violated the legislation of your country and will provide all the information we have to resolve the complaints.

By accessing this site you are indicating your acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms of use. These terms of use may change. If you continue to use the site or the software after the changes, you acknowledge and accept the changes. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notice. It is your responsibility to check this page frequently to stay up to date with all your requirements.

Privacy policy

All information taken from the target phone will be kept in a secure environment. We also will not collect other information than the ones which are necessary for the proper functioning of the application. We will not sell/distribute any information relating to your identity to "spammers" and your information will not be used for any other purpose.

Every account has a representative that can contact you to provide technical support, to keep up to date with the news and to become an intermediary between you and our company. You will have to contact your representative email for support.

In some cases you can receive notifications or warnings from our company related to the application.

Refund policy

The price for subscriptions maybe changed without further notice. We do not impose any minimum / maximum value... You can test our application free of charge.

Please be aware that we are not able to return the money you have paid for your subscriptions and any dispute regarding the amounts paid will be solved between you and your representative.


Before installing or using the application and our services please make sure that you will obey all the laws in your country. You should be aware that in most countries you will need a written agreement to be able to track the activity of a specific person.
We can not guarantee that the application will have the same results for all devices or that the application/website will operate without interruption or errors. The performances may vary depending on the characteristics of devices or other applications installed. You can test the services for 3 days and in this way you can figure our if it satisfies your requirements or is suitable for your needs.

You are required to contact your representative whenever you are experiencing errors/technical issues with the application. We won’t be held responsible for any loss of data or damages (financial, physical, emotional or other) that may result from the use of our software.

License Scope

Each payment made should extend the license for a single phone, for one year.

The licenses that you purchase are not transferable from one phone to another. It also should be noted that the application tracks the device on which it was installed and not the phone number/SIM card.

When you buy a license you have the right to use the software and the website. This license does not transfer to you any ownership rights or any other legal share in the software.

It is completely forbidden to copy/ decompile/ modify or distribute the application/ source code or content on the website.